Caloundra Swim School


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Q. Is there a best time to start swimming lessons?

A. Now is the best time to start swimming lessons. Our instructors are happy to accommodate new swimmers into the classes at any time. You do not need to wait for the start of  our next block of lessons. Our swimming lessons begin with babies from the age of 3 months and lessons being free up until the age of 6 months. We have a variety of levels to cater to your needs and many scheduling options

Q. How do I join?

A. We offer a complimentary FREE TRIAL lesson to all new customers. This gives us the opportunity to view your child’s ability and to ensure they are placed in the correct class level. It also give you the opportunity to see what we are all about and if our swim school meets yours and your child’s needs.

Q. How many lessons do you recommend each week?

A. Regular and consistent swim lessons will help you or your child to enjoy the water and learn how to be safe in the water. Attending one lesson per week is a minimum requirement in our swim program. As an optimum, we recommend two lessons per week to accelerate the skill development in learning to swim and drowning prevention.

Q. Do you operate year round?

A. Yes, we operate all year round however close for a week at Easter, 2 weeks during the June/July Holidays and 2 weeks over the Christmas break. During most school holidays we offer week long intensive lessons which are additional to the normal swim lesson program. We do NOT charge for lessons when we are closed.

Q. Why should I continue swimming lessons throughout winter?

A. We encourage year round participation in all of our classes. Infants and children need to continue throughout the winter to remember the skills and muscle development which they have been taught in classes. An extended break often results in a decline in the ability levels. Learn to swim and drowning prevention skills are far more effective when there is a consistent and continuous program in place.

Q. What do I bring to my swimming lessons?

A. You will need your swimmers, towel, and a change of clothes for after the lesson. Infants are required to wear swim nappies beneath their swimmers. Parents or carers in the pool will need to wear a T-shirt over swimmers. Children are encouraged to bring a swim cap and goggles . Goggles, swim caps and swim nappies are all available for purchase at the reception.

Q. What level will my child be in?

A. Swimmers in each class will be of a similar age, ability and standard as per the swim assessment. Children are continually assessed to move up a level, we do not wait til the end of term to complete assessments. Swimmers move up as soon as they are ready. If the swimmer needs to be moved to a different level, parents will be notified by the MBSS to reschedule your class.

Q. Do you offer make-up classes?

A. Yes, we offer make-up lessons if you contact us prior to missing your scheduled lesson. Make-up lessons can be booked a week in advance, and can be arranged within 4weeks of the cancelation. Make up lessons won’t be rescheduled if missed, and cannot be used for credit in future months.

Q. Can my child use flotation aids?

A. Flotation aids give young children a false sense of security and confidence in the water. Our teaching program is designed to teach children to swim with their own buoyancy. We believe it is safer for an infant or young child to know their own buoyancy and develop caution in the water while building their water confidence.

Q. Is the pool heated?

A. Our pool is indoor and heated with heating to 32°C. The pool water quality is checked regularly and consistently maintained. We aim to provide comfortable viewing areas and change areas with heating in the winter and cooling in the summer months.