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Loving the new FB presence Gary!!

Also HUGE congrats to you & Natalie, Tate swam all by him self about 10m today, very proud mummy moment!!

Thank you for all your hand work, I know his a challenge but he seems to be thriving.

Cheers, Lauren   (oCT 2014)

I  just wanted to send a belated email to thank you for your wonderful service to our daughters over the almost ten years we attended your swim school.  Each of my girls started swimming at about 18months of age until they started school at 5 years.  Looking back, it was the best start to a love and respect for the water.  Each of our girls had different teachers over this time and we were happy with all of them.  The girls loved coming to lessons each week and seeing Gary's big smile and seeing how smoothly the whole operation was run, made it an easy morning for us all.  I highly recommend your school to anyone who asks. We miss you all and love driving past on our way to school to see the flags/boardies/balloons out the front and remembering when we were a part of the Taylor Swim School family.

Best of luck in the future and thanks again for providing this important service with your friendly style!

Jenny & the Crew April 2014

The kids love swimming with Gary and us parents think you are all great too!  We love Caloundra Swim School  (now changed names to Moffat Beach Swim School)!  Thanks for being so brilliant you guys!  And Happy Birthday to Gary for Sunday!  Keep smiling! Cheers,  Polly   July 2013

....thank you Gary. It is all credit to you that our kids (and all the kids) love you so much. We all love having you and CSS as part of our lives. Probably why Jack asks at least twice (other than Monday) a week "is it swimming today.   Cheers Lou . June 2013...

....yeah its a bit sad but yeah juggling work and Bos school and footy now is a lot..thankyou so much for the special moments you gave Bo and the praise and encouragement all the way,.... you helped him feel confident and he loved swimming  there. Thank you Gary, Take Care....Victoria. Apr 2013

“Thanks for giving Catrin swimming lessons while in Caloundra. She loved them and progressed so much Thank you “ (on holidays from London). July 2013